TCC - One Step Ahead

Biomass recycling conversion facilities from ID Energy AG

Up to now, "Thermochemical Conversion" (TCC) technology has not been exploited commercially to the full extent. ID Energy's expertise plus the patented commercial viability of the BASURAgas® Universal System represent an enormous step forward in technology: not only in the use of biomass to produce energy, but also in the direct materials recycling of problematic waste materials.

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Biomass potential 2040 Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE Potentials for the energetic use of biomass in Switzerland, SFOE December 2004.

Greater efficiency: Superior energy use of lower-value feedstock, in particular: ID-Energy can even achieve excellent efficiency with feedstock containing high levels of moisture and ash.

More cost-effective operation: Volumetrically, the flow of fuel gas is 4-6 times less than with combustion of the same amount of feedstock: the cost of the technical equipment for gas cleaning, steam boilers, etc. is thus significantly lower and less demanding.

Closed materials loops: Because reducing conditions apply, in contrast with combustion systems, in gasification plants many potential pollutants are broken down or combined into the slag in a non-hazardous form, or they may even be prevented from forming in the first place.