Feedstock and End-Products

Sustainable, innovative gasification of various Feedstock

In principle, all biogenic solids are suitable for our TCC process, regardless of whether they were previously in the natural form of biomass or waste. We focus on the recycling of waste and sewage sludge.

Chemical & Industrial Grade Products


Schematic diagram - ID Energy AG - Zofingen


Raw materials - ID Energy AG - Zofingen

► Sewage sludge
► Waste wood: old wood / category A II or A IV, residual wood, fast-growing biomass
► Commercial and industrial waste: sewage sludge, waste from palm oil, coffee, cocoa, animal waste meal and fats, from slaughter houses;
► Municipal solid waste: electronic scrap, commercial, industrial or landfill waste, rubber and scrap tires;
► Waste coal: lignite briquettes, brown coal bulk, low-grade coal.

Since the biogenic solids used here can be converted into solid, liquid or gaseous energy sources, they can then be subjected to thermochemical and biochemical conversion and used for the generation of district heating and process heating, or for electricity and feedstock such as ethanol or liquids .